The Prediction by Darren Sugrue

Title: The Prediction

Author: Darren Sugrue


Its been a while now that I have been getting really good books as part of giveaways just when I had started giving up hopes on these free giveaways by authors.

I got this book from the author through a giveaway listed on Booklikes. Its a thriller/mystery book which talks of a PhD aspirant and now a crane operator Daniel who had worked on predicting the most dreaded problem in the world, the death based on various conditions like response to stimuli, genetic tests etc. This whole theme itself captures one’s interest throughout the book and keeps you glued till the end.

Daniel was a PhD aspirant at Trinity College twelve years back and his thesis was on predicting the most difficult date i.e. the death of the person. His thesis was rejected as he hadn’t got any support from his professors. He had cut off all his relations with his classmates and had become a crane operator not looking back. But when one of his volunteers who had participated in the experiment dies on the exact date that Daniel would have predicted, his professor John comes back to his life convincing him to return back to research so that he can warn his other volunteer, his ex-girlfriend Grace  of the death date which is just a few days away.

Daniel goes all the way to Netherlands to warn Grace and tries to protect her in his own way by being with her around on the day of prediction date. To review too much in the review would be to shout out the suspense. There is also another story revolving round John’s family and ex-girlfriend Grace’s family and the characters are quite complex too. They all have layers of personality and never once do you feel bored while reading about these supporting cast.

Every page offers you with a very mysterious turn and twist. There are things you would have never expected and it happens as he story passes. Also the reference in the book makes you feel that the author is quite geeky and I love that part of any author.  The cover page is also quite geeky.The climax is kind of horrifying but the end gives you a reason to smile too. For a debutante author, I must say he has done quite a great job. I would give a four and a half out of five and would definitely read any book of Sugrue in the future.

Rating: 4/5 (Must read for a thriller fan)