To Catch a Falling Star

To Catch a Falling Star - L. Duarte I got this book as a giveaway on Goodreads.

Apparently this is 2nd in the book series. The characters are the stereotypical goodlooking handsome rockstar coming across a really struggling to make ends meet widow. The gist in the story is that the characters in the movie try really hard to come out of the sorrow and move on with their lives. The relation which begins as lust initially then transforms to a full fledged strong love story.

Little too impractical for my taste where few incidents mentioned are hard to believe like the Oscar winning actress has quit her career and the female protagonist handling three careers etc.

I didnt like the appearance of the Asian woman. Didn't understand much of the reference to the story..It was a little too much to handle. And the letter part from Tim, is it serendipity???!!!I think so...