Is this Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf by Arti Honrao


Title: Is this Love & Autumn - The Last Leaf

Author : Arti Honrao

I got it as a part of a giveaway by the author on Goodreads. This book is a short, one time read for beginners which can be read in one sitting. It is about 160 pages and it is written in simple English that we generally use in normal daily lives(Infact much more simpler). I would have preferred the literature being richer than the language used. 

Coming to the book, it comprises of two stories - "Is this Love" and "Autumn - The Last Leaf" . The central theme of both the stories is love and friendship. Both involve triangular love stories. The first one i.e. Is this Love talks of pure friendship between Sheetal and Vishaal who live together  but later fall in love with each other but do not confess. Sheetal ends up marrying Aman and the story leads to misunderstandings. The second tale talks of a girl Neha whose dreams come true. But the main theme is friendship and obsessive love by Neha who is finally ready to move on with her life after Kedar marries Samiksha. The author also discusses the havoc caused by obsessive love  from both Kedar and Neha's side. The climax came as a bit of surprise considering the way the story moves. The protagonists in both the stories end up making bad decisions which lead to misunderstanding.  

I liked "Is This Love" better than "Autumn- The Last Leaf" because I didn't like the dreams coming true concept in the latter. The characters in "Is this Love" are endearing. In between I also felt that there were repetitive sentences and circumstances mentioned by the author. I found it hard to connect to the characters in "Autumn- The Last Leaf". Neither could I sympathize nor empathize with them.

Ratings:1/5(It was OK, actually bad. Wouldn't suggest it to anyone)